Audition Call

Company Overhead Project is seeking 4  acrobats for their new creation 2019/20


Audition dates:
Group I: Köln 22. + 23.5.
(10 – 17:00 | 10 – 16:00)
Group II: Köln 27. + 28.5.
(10 – 17:00 | 10 – 16:00)



New creation 2019/20: What’s left“

Tim Behren (artistic director/choreographer) is looking for four acrobats with a dancers and performers mind-set!
With experience as a performer , your own specific movement vocabulary as well as experience  in partnerwork (partnering, lifting/flying…) and moving/floorwork (flying-low).

Performers with at least three years of professional experience preferred. Hand to Hand duos also possible. Availability/flexibility in the listed periods needed.


About the new creation :
A Creation between circus-dance-performance and physical interaction with the audience, with five performers on stage.
This creation is the third part of a production series called „Geometry and Politics“. It is a reflection about recent political developments in analogy to spatial arrangements of spectators/performers.
„What’s left“ will question the frontal „classroom“ architecture of congregation spaces. It raises the question how institutions and political actors treat hierarchies and constellations of power and how its communication and violence affects the human body.


The last two productions in this series: „Surround“ (2017) and „My body is your body“ (2018)


Production period (Draft, subject to change):

Where What Date
PACT Zollverein, Essen (Date confirmed) Rehearsals 08. – 21. October 2019
tba Rehearsals 11. – 24. November 2019 or
2. – 15. Dezember 20192019 or
Option January/February 2020
Dommelhof, Neerpelt (B)  (Date confirmed) Rehearsals 9. – 20. March 2020
ZAK Köln Rehearsals 30. march – 9. april 2020
Staatstheater Darmstadt Rehearsals April 2020
ZAK Köln/efs Rehearsals 18. – 27. May 2020
Cologne Circus-Dance Festival / ZAK Köln
(Date confirmed)
Premiere 28. May – 1. June 2020

All in all: 10-12 weeks of rehearsals
Touring dates in 2020/21 to come
Audition participation by invitation only.
Please send your application to our production management Jari Ortwig: Please write a short mail with the following basic info:


– Which audition date you want to join (Group I or II)
– Who (Name + very short Motivation)
– Where (City/Country currently living)
– Age
– Background (circus-discipline)
– Education (Where and When)
– Last professional experiences/creations
– videolink(s)
– and if you would attach one photo of you would be wonderful.


Please send in as soon as possible. Please put all compact info desribed above inside the mail, only photo attached.
Thank you a lot. We are looking forward! (Company) (Studios)
Direct link to audition call is found here: